Machine Learning Group

Welcome to the Machine Learning Group (MLG). We are a highly active group of researchers working on all aspects of machine learning. Our interests span theoretical foundations, optimization algorithms, and a variety of applications (vision, speech, healthcare, materials science, NLP, biology, among others).


Feb 15 2018   Congrats to Prof Broderick and Prof Jegelka for winning the 2018 Sloan Research Fellowship!
Jan 2018   Prof Broderick wins the ARO YIP award -- congrats!
Dec 2017 Prof Jegelka's (joint) work answers Can computers help us synthesize new materials?
Sep 2017   Prof. Stefanie Jegelka receives a DARPA 2017 Young Faculty Award (YFA). Congrats!
NIPS17 9 papers from MLG + 14 more from wider MLG accepted at NIPS -- congrats! (there are ~ 20 additional ML papers @NIPS from authors with MIT affiliations.)
NIPS17 S. Jegelka co-organizing Discrete Structures in Machine Learning Workshop at NIPS 2017
NIPS17 T. Broderick co-organizing Advances in Approximate Bayesian Inference Workshop at NIPS 2017
NIPS17 S. Sra co-organizing OPT2017, the 10th Optimization for Machine Learning workshop at NIPS 2017
Sep 2017 Welcome new ML students!
July 10-15 Suvrit Sra lecturing at the PKU Applied Math Summer School (Beijing, China), on Optimization for Machine Learning: Convex and Nonconvex
Aug 24 Stefanie Jegelka holding a bootcamp lecture at the Simons Institute, Berkeley on Continuous methods for Discrete Optimization
Jun 27 Stefanie Jegelka lecturing at the Machine Learning Summer School (MLSS), Tübingen, Germany, on Submodularity in ML
Jun 26,27 Suvrit Sra lecturing at the Machine Learning Summer School (MLSS), Tübingen, Germany, on Optimization for ML
13 May 9 ICML 2017 Papers by MLG. Congrats!
06 Apr Boston Globe features 6.036: Introduction to Machine Learning
(featuring Tommi Jaakkola and Regina Barzilay)
20 Jun   T. Broderick co-organizing Statistical Inference for Network Models Symposium at NetSci 2017
Feb '17   Prof. Tamara Broderick receives a Google Faculty Research award. Congrats!
Jan '17   Prof. Tamara Broderick holding a Simons Institute Tutorial on Nonparameteric Bayesian Methods in ML.
Jan '17   Prof. Stefanie Jegelka holding a Simons Institute Tutorial on Submodularity in Machine Learning: Theory and Applications.
Fall '16   Welcome new ML graduate students!
Dec '16   Suvrit Sra holding a NIPS Tutorial (with F. Bach)
Dec '16 MLG members organizing 4 NIPS workshops: [1]; [2]; [3]; [4]
Aug '16   18 papers accepted to NIPS 2016. Congrats!
May '16   8 papers accepted to ICML 2016. Congrats!